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Q: What is the likelihood that my roof is damaged and is claimable under my insurance policy?

The average life of a residential asphalt roof in San Antonio is around 15 years. Because of hail and wind storms in the San Antonio area, 85% of all composition shingle roofs in San Antonio receive claimable hail and/or wind damage at some point during their life-span that would warrant a roof repair or roof replacement. Commercial roof life-spans in San Antonio vary because of the different types of roofing

available to commercial properties. However, many of these are no doubt claimable at some point during

this time period as well.


Q: Can my insurance premiums be increased if I file a claim with my insurance company?

Not for wind or hail damage. Claims due to “Acts of God” are not a reason for increasing your individual premiums, or cancelling your policy unless an entire geographic region is affected. However,  it is advisable to have your structure examined by a professional before a claim is filed to determine the likelihood of a satisfactory settlement.


Q. Is depreciation on my loss recoverable?

Yes. Once the work that is outlined in the scope of work on the insurance estimate is performed to industry standards, your contractor can apply for the release of depreciation. However, if you have performed the repairs for less than the insurance estimate amount, the difference will most likely be deducted from any depreciation due. So, when using insurance proceeds to pay for repairs, there is no

benefit in obtaining a low bid since the carrier will only pay for the incurred cost of repairs.  Q: Does your company restore properties that have been damaged by fire?  Yes.  Our project managers are experienced in disaster restoration including fire and smoke damage. We

offer the very finest in restoration services whether it is from broken water pipes, foundation failures or fire/smoke damage. Ample references are available upon request.


Q: What is a Public Adjuster?

A Public Adjuster is a person, who has undergone extensive training regarding state insurance laws, construction, and loss analysis. This license authorizes him to legally gather, document and present loss-evidence to the insurance carrier on behalf of the property owner. He represents the exclusive interests of the property owner and forms his own independent analysis of the loss. The Public Adjuster normally receives a small percentage of the claim as compensation. You may want to consult with a public adjuster if you are unsatisfied with your claim settlement.

Q: Should I shop around for the lowest price?

Not if work is being paid for by your Insurance Carrier. Like previously mentioned, the Carrier will only pay for the incurred cost of repairs, not the insurance estimate. Many property owners have been disappointed to find out at the end of a low-bid repair that their Carrier will only pay the invoice amount and not what they originally estimated. Furthermore, a contractor may be tempted to cut corners on things such as

materials, workmanship and warranty on a low bid job.  It is better to get the best workmanship and materials as opposed as to a “low bid” that will only benefit the Carrier.

Q: What kind of Roof Warranty do you offer?

When we perform a roof repair we will provide you with a one year parts & labor warranty for that repair.  When we do a full roof replacement, we will provide you with a 5 year labor warranty and with the appropriate manufacturer material limited warranty - from 20 up to 50 years. You can be assured that we will diligently solve any warranty issues that might arise.

Q: Are there any roof options that may help lower the cost of my electric bills?

Yes. Technology is always changing and solar roofing has become a reasonable solution for generating free green-energy for many people. There are also current federal and local programs in place that can assist you in purchasing a solar energy generating system for your roof-top. Your project manager can assist you in getting the information you need to make an educated decision about solar roofing.

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